Reactor, Gamer, Internet Content Creator.

Hello everyone! SirMonkeySuit/ Zappy here to tell you what I'm all about which isn't all that much.  Well, I started my "SirMonkeySuit" Youtube channel in 2010 but that wasn't my first channel, I've had many. One of them is still up: "PandaTribeStudios", if you want to go see. That was a Youtube channel I started with a group of friends, making Machinima, montages and Gaming videos.

Anyway, when Pandatribe fell off I went off on my own with my new Alias "SirMonkeySuit". That name came from my High School, I took GCSE Music and the band I was apart of was called "Monkey Suit". That band never went anywhere and so I took the name for myself by adding "Sir" in front of it.

Over the years I would go and come back to Youtube trying to build some form of gaming community and more or less failing. I would get an urge to be creative, make a bunch of gaming videos and the videos would take a long time to edit, a lot of work went into those videos. However, I never gained any traction. I would get demotivated and leave Youtube for a while before getting that urge again and the cycle would repeat.

With Reactions becoming a huge thing on Youtube, I was well aware of it but never really thought about doing it until March of 2018. Like before, I'd come back to Youtube wanting to try again. This time however, I figured I'd try reacting to a show that had a big following.

"My Hero Academia". I have loved Anime since I was a kid after I'd watch shows like:

Dragonball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. Later on in life turning into a Teen, I got into a long relationship with Anime watching over 200 different Anime starting with Death Note (Which is in my top 5).

Sometime around my late Teens, I just stopped watching Anime. Don't know why, I think life just got in the way and I was busy doing other things. So, my first time back to Anime was reacting to it. I have now reacted to a bunch of different shows and I've gained a big following and community. In the space of 9 months, I reached 10,000 Subscribers on Youtube!

I birthed 10,000 subs... (9 months? Get it?)

Anyway, as of typing this. My new Website, this is a huge step and a very exciting undertaking. This will be my very own corner of the internet and I hope to continue to grow and expand, To you reading this, thank you.